Clinton Believes Debate Tactics Against Trump Were Effective

( – Failed presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton has weighed in on the upcoming 2024 presidential debate to share advice for President Joe Biden regarding how he should approach his debate with Trump. Clinton referred to her failed 2016 presidential bid and said her debate tactics against Trump proved effective. According to Clinton, Biden should spend hours practicing his approach to the debate, as without practice, Trump could dominate the event and provoke an emotional response from Biden.

When talking about her 2016 debate practice, Clinton said that she had one of her campaign advisers help by roleplaying as Trump. Clinton had her adviser ask her inflammatory questions, lie about her experience, make jokes about her, and attempt to elicit an emotional response from Clinton. The former First Lady claims that the debate practice helped her once she participated in the debates against Trump, as she knew what to expect and avoided an emotional discussion with the former president.

Clinton also advised Biden regarding Trump’s style of argument, claiming Biden shouldn’t spend too much time addressing Trump’s claims and should instead move on with direct rhetoric. Despite Clinton’s advice, the failed presidential candidate acknowledged that Biden lacks the free time to hold mock debates and prepare for a confrontation with Trump. According to Clinton, Biden’s busy schedule and frequent presidential duties keep him busy most days, preventing him from setting up a mock debate and preparing for the upcoming event.

Although Clinton primarily focused on advising Biden regarding debate preparation, she briefly discussed why American voters should choose Biden over Trump. Clinton claims Biden should win the presidential election given his decades of Congressional experience and his time as former President Obama’s vice president. Clinton also highlighted Trump’s various controversies and recent criminal conviction, which she believes American voters should consider when voting in November.

Despite Clinton’s comments regarding Trump, the former president remains the most popular candidate in the 2024 election. Trump and Biden’s first debate could influence which of the two front-runners ends up on top, and some political experts believe Biden has an advantage over the former president given CNN’s involvement. CNN will moderate the debate, with several CNN hosts like Dana Bash and Jake Tapper serving as the debate’s moderators. Tapper and Bash have both openly criticized Trump throughout the past few years, but despite the potential bias, the former president plans to attend the debate and speak about his platform to millions of American voters.

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