Clinton CONFESSES – Democrat Secret Goes Wild

( – Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently made some comments about the state of Florida that show the shift in Democratic Party ideals in recent memory. The comments in question pertain to the fact that the NAACP issued a travel advisory that Florida is unsafe for black Americans, despite the fact that the NAACP chairman is a Florida resident. In the comments Clinton claims Florida is unsafe for black Americans, LGTBQ people, and even multi-billion dollar corporations like Disney.

These comments showcase how the Democratic Party has changed in recent memory, as the once anti-corporation party has shifted now that multi-billion dollar corporations like Disney are associating themselves with identity politics. Interestingly these businesses donated over $70 million to Joe Biden’s election campaign, and only $18 million to Donald Trumps. These same corporations also donated $84 million to Clinton’s failed campaign back in 2016. Clinton inadvertently admitted that the Democratic Party is anti-corporation, unless those multi-billion dollar corporations benefit them personally. 

Hillary Clinton recently made headlines by defending the oldest US senator, Dianne Feinstein, saying that Feinstein should not resign despite the online movement in favor of the senator stepping down. This is hardly a surprise, as losing Feinstein would mean that the Democratic Party would become dangerously close to losing their majority in the US Senate, taking the total seats down to 50-49.

Without Feinstein the Democratic Party could end up in a deadlock with Republicans in the Senate, which is a possibility they seem staunchly against. Clinton claims the reason that Feinstein shouldn’t resign is because of the effect on “judicial nominations,” but it seems the truth is that the Democrats don’t want to risk their control of the Senate.

Despite her advocacy of the Democratic Party, Clinton recently made comments regarding Biden’s age, noting that voters were right to be concerned. Although Clinton’s comments regarding Biden were surprising, it seems unlikely that Clinton will go against the party’s stance when it comes to Biden’s reelection bid.

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