Clinton Defies Pro-Palestinian Dems – No Cease Fire!

( – To the dismay of some Democrats, Hillary Clinton recently said there should not be a cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas.

During an anniversary gala at Rice University’s Baker Institute, Clinton discouraged her audience from hoping for a cease-fire that would attempt to end the Israel-Hamas war and possibly release hostages in Gaza. She said a cease-fire was unattainable. Anyone who calls for this truce does not know anything about Hamas, she said.

The former United States Secretary of State said an armistice would only grant Hamas the “gift” of time to build up their reserves of weapons and other military equipment. The terrorists would have time to figure out the best ways to position themselves for the “eventual assault by the Israelis.”

At the bipartisan panel discussion, Clinton said she believes Israelis have a right to defend their country, especially after being attacked by Hamas on October 7th. However, the former Secretary of State said Israel should exercise diligence and avoid intentionally harming Palestinian civilians.

Another former Secretary of State, James Baker III, was in attendance at the anniversary gala. He recalled his time working as the Secretary of State and could not remember any wars happening concurrently that involved the United States. Right now, Baker said America is scrutinizing the wars in the Middle East and Europe. He could not think of any former enemy that was more hostile than China is to America today.

Clinton acknowledged all of the United States’ present conflicts. She said America must deal with all of them “simultaneously.” She hopes no other global issues emerge before the ones in existence are solved.

Hillary Clinton mentioned she had noticed hostilities between different social groups and parties of government. America has both “internal and external threats” that must be “dealt with,” she claimed. She wants everyone in the United States to join together, as disagreements between Americans will make it more challenging to find solutions to the battles going on overseas.

Baker spotlighted GOP members and said they no longer want aid sent to Ukraine. Then he praised Biden’s office for continuing to assist Ukraine in its war against Russia.

The House of Representatives will vote on November 2 on a bill that would send aid to Israel. President Biden had initially hoped it would be included in a bill that would also send aid to Ukraine.

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