CNN Anchor TRADES JOBS With U.S. Senator!

( – On Thursday, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who has been in the news lately after President Joe Biden accused him of wanting to terminate Social Security and Medicare, duked it out with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins on an episode of “CNN This Morning.”

The heated exchange centered around Senator Scott’s 12-point plan drafted last year which would require Congress to renew Social Security and Medicare entitlements every five years. 

Biden, who gave a speech in Wisconsin on Wednesday, read from a brochure that detailed Scott’s plan saying “sounds pretty clear to me. How about you?”

During the spirited back and forth, Scott accused Biden of essentially cutting Medicaid with the Inflation Reduction Act: “Let’s remember, just a few months ago all Democrats Voted and Joe Biden signed a bill to cut $280 billion out of Medicare.”

Collins promptly pushed back against Scott’s claims that the reduction in prescription drug spending was not the same thing as a cut to Medicare: “That’s not true senator,” Collins rebutted, “Everyone else has said that is not true. It’s been fact checked multiple times and they say that’s not true.”

An exasperated Scott, in response to Collins’ dismissal of his claims, said “It is a cut when Republicans do it but not a cut when Democrats propose Savings?”

All of this comes just days after President Biden’s divisive State of the Union Adress wherein he called out certain Republicans for wanting to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare. The attack was met with heckles and groans from the Republican side of the aisle. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene shouted “liar!” in response to Biden’s attacks. 

Despite the contentious nature of his accusatory remarks, Biden doesn’t appear to be backing away from the fight. In fact, it seems abundantly clear that he is doubling down. 

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