CNN Debate Hosts Accused of Anti-Trump Bias

( – Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, the CNN co-hosts, have been criticized for allegedly making prejudiced statements about former President Donald Trump in the past. Critics were worried this might work against Trump, but all anyone is talking about after the debate on Thursday is President Biden’s dementia-riddled performance.

Instead of the debate commission that typically hosts the debates, CNN hosted it. 

The esteemed senior journalists Tapper and Bash have covered politics for nearly fifty years. They have vast experience presiding over significant political discussions; Tapper has presided over two Republican presidential debates in the past. The first was in 2015, and then again in 2016.

In the 2019 Democratic presidential primary debate, which Bash hosted, Vice President Kamala Harris famously attacked Biden on civil rights issues, intimating that he was a racist. Additionally, Bash co-moderated a Republican primary discussion with Tapper in 2023 between Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and failed presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Trump was conspicuously missing from the debate stage.

The 2024 debate was the earliest battle between two candidates, coming in the early summer. Donald Trump has yet to announce his running mate, leaving Harris with no one to debate.

However, Tapper, who purports to be unbiased, seems particularly nasty toward the previous president. Tapper has made numerous attacks on Trump, calling him a nightmare and a fabricator of information on coronavirus tests. He has also characterized his presidency as a complete failure.

When Trump lost to Biden in 2020, Tapper said on air that America’s long national nightmare was over.

He also retweeted a post calling Trump “100% insane.”

Tapper ordered the CNN control room not to cover Trump live because they shouldn’t spread his lies to the public.

He’s accused Trump of colluding with Russia.

Bash has also denigrated Trump, accusing him of being anti-science, a sexist, an antisemite, and a race baiter.

This presidential contest ushered in a new phase of the election cycle when President Biden and former President Donald Trump squared off on Thursday night in Atlanta. Biden has been universally panned for his performance, which showed undeniable age-related decline. Many Democrats are even calling for the Democratic National Committee to select another candidate.

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