Cocaine CONTROVERSY – Clues Point to Biden’s Inner Circle

( – Cocaine discovered in the White House has led to mass speculation about who brought the illicit drug. Shortly before Independence Day, in early July, cocaine was found below the Oval Office and near the Situation Room, currently under renovation. However, the Secret Service insisted on its inability to identify who brought the drugs because of a lack of physical evidence.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi asserted that the lack of physical evidence was because there were no fingerprints or DNA on the packaging when analyzed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) crime lab.

A recent exclusive has detailed that the cocaine belonged to someone in the “Biden family orbit,” that President Biden knows who it was, and that the President’s son Hunter Biden was not involved. Because Hunter Biden is a recovering drug addict, there has been speculation that he was responsible. However, footage of him at the White House was taken after the discovery of cocaine. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that the Biden family was not at the White House at the time of discovery; they were at Camp David that weekend. However, this does not overrule the possibility that the cocaine arrived before the date of its discovery.

Cocaine wasn’t the only substance discovered at the White House during the Biden administration. Previously, the Secret Service had found trace amounts of marijuana. Biden even fired staff members for past marijuana use.

Republicans and Biden’s critics have been outraged at the brevity and lack of conclusions from law enforcement. Former President Donald Trump questioned the investigation’s legitimacy for its quickness and lack of findings at a rally in New Hampshire.

While not attributable solely to the discovery of cocaine, President Biden, according to FiveThirtyEight, currently has a disapproval rating of 55.2% to an approval rating of 40.4%, which shows some level of scrutiny of the White House by the American public. The identity of the person who brought the cocaine remains undisclosed.

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