Cold Case REVIVED – Murder Suspect Finally Named!

Former Son-in-Law Stands Accused in Cold Case Double Murder

Former Son-in-Law Stands Accused in Cold Case Double Murder

( – Police investigations can go cold for a variety of reasons. Many of these cases are never solved, while others get put aside until new evidence or technology becomes available. Thanks to recent DNA testing advances, authorities have arrested a suspect in a 1989 double-murder from Danby, Vermont.

The case of George and Catherine Peacock began in September 1989. When the two failed to show up for work, people familiar with the couple knew there was cause for concern. A police update from the unsolved case files revealed authorities found the two murdered and recovered a “significant amount of evidence” at the time. While investigators initially suspected Michael Louise, one of the couple’s former sons-in-law, they didn’t have the “conclusive link” necessary to charge the man with the crime, and the case went cold.

Thanks to technological advances, authorities got a break in 2020. Police were able to confirm a spot of blood found in Louise’s car belonged to George Peacock. Vermont State Police, with the help of New York State Police, served an arrest warrant on Thursday, October 13 and took Louise, now 79, into custody. He’s currently sitting in a New York jail pending extradition to Vermont for arraignment.

Authorities have not speculated on a motive for the crime.

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