Communists DID IT – TikTok Caught Red Handed!

( – The Chinese Communist regime has been accused of using a special mode called “God” mode on TikTok to spy on Hong Kong protesters, leading Americans to believe that they are also being spied on.

The claims stemmed from a legal filing made by former ByteDance head of engineering Yintao Yu, who said that ByteDance took user data from the Chinese equivalent of the popular TikTok app and transferred it to the Communist regime, which then in turn used it to locate Hong Kong protesters.

Yu claimed that Bytedance owners exploited American user data on TikTok in the same way they were able to give the Communist regime access to Hong Kong user data from its Chinese app.

The Chinese Communist Party members reportedly used a “god credential” to access and examine the personal user data of activists. Bytedance owners claimed that Yu’s statements were “baseless.”

Likewise, Yu reportedly claimed that he was fired for bringing the issue to the company’s attention.

The allegations come after a year of heated scrutiny over TikTok, where American government leaders have pondered a full-stop ban on TikTok across the United States.

Reportedly, Hong Kong has taken steps to discontinue the use of TikTok within its territory.

The possibility for China to spy on the world through TikTok has led to increasing tension between the PRC and the United States. Earlier this year, Congress compelled TikTok’s CEO to testify before U.S. lawmakers about how TikTok user data is used and whether the Chinese Communist regime can access and examine the user data of American citizens.

Concern has increased in the United States because of reports that TikTok can spy on Americans even if they do not use the app. This takes place when TikTok users send non-TikTok app users links to videos on the platform. TikTok can reportedly collect data from those who view their link online. Reportedly, those who don’t download TikTok think that their platform dodging will keep their data safe. However, tech analysts have argued that this is simply not the case and that those who watch TikTok content run the risk of exposing their data to ByteDance.

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