Concert Date Night Goes WRONG – Police Called In!

Violent Incident After Elton John Concert Leads to One Arrest

Violent Incident After Elton John Concert Leads to One Arrest

( – Elton John is one of the biggest names on the music scene. People flock to his concerts when he tours to enjoy his one-of-a-kind shows. While most of the events are enjoyable, a fender bender following a recent show apparently led to violence and an arrest.

On Thursday, November 21, a couple in their 60s, Jamie and Lillian, were leaving Dodger Stadium after watching Elton John perform. When someone punched the car’s mirror, Jamie got out of the vehicle to see what was going on, and a small mob promptly attacked him. He ended up cowering on the ground as blows rained down. According to Lillian, who stayed in the car for the first part of the attack, she got out to help her husband, who lost consciousness, and the mob beat her, too. At one point, both lay on the ground unconscious, according to TMZ.

Lillian rallied to drive both of them to the local hospital. Jamie has a broken leg and a concussion, and doctors treated his wife for head injuries.

One person recorded a video of the graphic assault, which has since gone viral. When one of the mob noticed someone filming them, they also attacked the videographer.

Police are investigating the incident and have taken one person into custody in connection with the attack. However, LAPD has not released the suspect’s name or any information about the case citing an ongoing probe.

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