Congress ROCKED By “Audit” Request – Marjorie Taylor Greene Involved!

( – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who has been a vocal critic of Ukrainian aid, is expected to introduce legislation that would audit the American money that was sent to the Ukrainian government.

On Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Greene stated that the bill would “force Congress to give the American people an audit.” Greene’s contention is that there is a lack of transparency in regards to the aid. “We have no idea where all this money’s going”, she said. 

As documented in a newly released report from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the U.S. has given the Ukrainian government over $75 billion since the start of the war. This amount of foreign aid is unprecedented.

Support for indiscriminate aid to Ukraine, however, is not unanimous within the American electorate. A new Fox News poll shows that 46% of Americans think there should be a “limited timeframe” on American aid to Ukraine. 50% of citizens, conversely, are in favor of indefinite aid. This is to say, the nation is split on America’s foreign policy in regards to the conflict. 

Greene, though, is not the only member of Congress that is wary about American involvement in the war. Republicans have voiced opposition to more funds being sent to Ukraine, arguing that it is fiscally irresponsible and not in the best interest of the United States. 

Freedom Caucus members, in particular, have vehemently opposed the Biden administration’s liberal hand with government funds. After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Congress in December of 2022, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) remarked “I hope they (Ukrainians) keep fighting Putin, but they’re playing with House money.”

GOP House members have also criticized President Biden for his decision to visit Zelenskyy in Ukraine instead of the people of East Palestine, Ohio following the train derailment that led to the contamination of their water supply. 

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