Congress To Get Details About UFO Crash Retrieval

( – Congress will be finding out for themselves whether there is truth to allegations that the U.S. military – aided and abetted by defense contractors – are hiding the “truth” behind the existence of extra-terrestrial beings.

The allegations stem from claims made by David Grusch, a former high-ranking official in the U.S. intelligence service, who worked in the U.S. Air Force’s panel on UFOs. According to Grusch, the U.S. military allegedly holds “evidence” of wreckage of UFO that have crashed, and even the remains of extra-terrestrial “beings”, as well as deaths that could be attributed to UFOs. He initially made the claims in a classified formal complaint filed in May 2022 with the office of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Inspector General.

However, news outlet the Daily Mail reported that an anonymous source it spoke to said that any reports that would be delivered to the Congressional Oversight Committee will only be “for show”. The source, who has direct knowledge of how the office of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Inspector General operates, told the news outlet that the briefing would only appear as if House members were being given information, but a lot of data and facts would be glossed over or omitted completely.

Grusch has already appeared before Congress in June last year, where he told congressmen that he, in the course of his (former) “official duties”, had discovered a “multi-decade UAP (unidentified anomalous phenomenon, an alternative term for UFO) crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program.” He further claimed that the U.S. military had found “nonhuman biologics” in crash sites for UFOs.

Grusch’s claims have yet to be substantiated though, and if deemed to have provided false information in his formal complaint, Grusch could face not only a fine up to $10,000, but also a possible prison term that would last up to five years. However, given the stiff penalties, some observers, such as Marik von Rennenkampff, a former official for the Department of Defense, say that it is “extremely unlikely” that Grusch would file a formal complaint over matters that has long been believed to be in the realm of myth and fiction.

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