Congressman Says Leaked Videos of Him Are Blackmail

Congressman Says Leaked Videos of Him Are Blackmail

Congressman Claims Blackmail – Secret Tapes Found

( – It’s been a rough few months for Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC). First, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) summoned him after the junior representative made a statement about being invited to orgies. Then, two photos surfaced, one showing him in a questionable position with a man’s hand in his lap and another where the North Carolina representative appeared to be wearing lingerie. Now, there’s a video circulating with a nude Cawthorn from his college days involved in some questionable activity with a roommate. However, he’s not letting it stop him.

On May 4, Cawthorn acknowledged political enemies, American Muckrakers PAC, released the video trying to unseat him. Addressing the footage directly, he said he was simply “being crass with a friend” and joking around.

Additionally, Cawthorn calls these attacks a “drip drip” campaign and blackmail. He’s not giving in, though. Instead, the young Republican is posting his intentions to run again, pledging his commitment to the MAGA way.

Cawthorn intends to run for reelection in November, although in District 11 following North Carolina’s redistricting. Whether or not these smear campaigns will work to unseat him remains unseen, but time will tell.

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