Connecticut Looking to Hire a $150,000 Misinformation Czar Ahead of the Midterms

Connecticut Looking to Hire a $150,000

State Looking To Hire A Minister Of Truth Ahead Of Elections

( – The midterm elections are coming up later this year, and many have expressed concerns about misinformation cycling through various channels on the internet. One state is seemingly looking to take a proactive approach, but it’s raising eyebrows as it seems awfully familiar.

Under the guise of being worried about claims of voter fraud, Connecticut officials are looking to hire an expert at a salary of $150,000, whose job will be to combat misinformation. According to The New York Times, this person will be responsible for combing through various social media sites and purported far-right networks, including Rumble, 4Chan, and Gettr, to root out this incorrect information. They will then need to contact the site’s administration to flag or remove posts containing misinformation.

With this move, there’s a concern the efforts could end up restricting free speech, especially because the job description singles out right-wing networks. A lawyer with Protect Democracy, Rachel Goodman, said it’s a fine line the expert would walk. She said the state government “must [ensure]… they are not engaging in any kind of censorship or [monitoring activity] that would raise constitutional concerns.”

Connecticut joins several other states in these efforts, including California, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Oregon. Do you think this will work, or will it end abruptly like the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board?

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