Conservative Social Media Platform Truth Social in Trouble

Conservative Social Media Platform Truth Social in Trouble

Trump’s Social Media Company Has a Bad Secret

( – Following his ban from Twitter and Facebook, former President Donald Trump decided he would create his own social media network for Conservatives, who other platforms mainly persecuted and canceled. Thus, Truth Social was born. Yet, the app might be short-lived if management doesn’t address its current financial troubles.

According to Fox Business, Truth Social owes RightForge, an internet infrastructure company, more than $1 million. RightForge has been hosting the social media app since October 2021 but says it hasn’t received payment for services rendered since March of this year. It’s threatening to take legal action if it doesn’t receive the money.

This continues a long string of hiccups the app has experienced since its inception. Technology glitches delayed Truth Social’s release date, and a merger is on hold as both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigate its business dealings. Sources say Trump has very little, if any, investment in the app.

RightForge doesn’t intend to cut its ties just yet. While CEO Martin Avila refused to comment directly on the matter, he said the company “believes in the mission” and “wish[es] to continue supporting [Trump] in his media endeavors.”

A Trump spokesman refused to comment on the matter.

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