Contacts Urged To Isolate as Rare Disease Spreads Outside of Africa

Contacts Urged To Isolate as Rare Disease Spreads Outside of Africa

Another “Rare” Disease – Desperate Measures Requested!

( – The world is still recovering from the effects of COVID-19, and seemingly the last thing it needs is another cause for concern. Yet, health officials are working to move ahead of any potential panic with the outbreak of monkeypox in Europe and confirmed cases in Canada and the US.

As of the time of writing, there’s one confirmed case of the disease in the United States, in Massachusetts, and six presumptive cases, one each in New York and Washington State and two each in Florida and Utah. The CDC warns there might be other cases, but there’s no cause for panic, and it’s not as transmissible as the novel coronavirus. “This is not COVID,” a deputy director at the CDC, Jennifer McQuiston, said on Monday, May 23. The agency also said there’s no need for a mass vaccination campaign. Rather, those with the highest possibility of exposure should inoculate.

In the UK, government officials are cautioning those who come into contact with someone who has suspected monkeypox or someone who has been diagnosed with it to isolate themselves for 21 days. The government considers those who have had direct exposure to people with the disease and those who have had broken mucus membranes or skin around a person diagnosed to be at high risk. The outbreak is more severe in Europe than in the United States.

President Joe Biden has said quarantining isn’t necessary in the US as we have the vaccines required to help mitigate flare-ups.

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