Cornell Student Charged For Anti-Semitic Death Threats

( – Patrick Dai, a student at Cornell University, has been charged with his alleged antisemitic threats of wanting to injure or murder people who are Jewish.

New York State police officers arrested the 21-year-old on Tuesday. This engineering student from Pittsford, New York, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on November 15th. If Dai is convicted, he could face a $250,000 fine, five years behind bars, and three years of supervised release.

After menacingly posting online that he was supposedly going to “bring an assault rifle to campus,” Dai was apprehended. Dai also reportedly threatened to go to a Kosher cafeteria located on campus and “shoot” it up. He announced that if he found any men who were Jewish, he would “slit” their throats. He said Jewish women should be raped and then murdered “before they birth more Jewish Hitlers.” As a result, he received a federal indictment accusing him of posting threats to attack and kill people.

Cornell students received a community alert warning them to be careful, as tangible violet threats were directed at those on campus. The crime alert created a disturbance among students.

A vice president at Cornell, Joel Malina, did not spotlight Dai but said there was a student who was in custody. Malina declared that no antisemitic threat should be left unpunished. Malina said Cornell will remain strong, and everyone will “continue to support one another.”

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, said she had conversed with students from Cornell and declared she would do whatever it took to find the person who posted the threats. Hochul said she always has and will always fight against “hate and bias” whenever it “rears its ugly head.”

The governor said she had seen signs of antisemitic behavior taking place on New York campuses before the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th. She believes she has seen this behavior get worse as time goes on.

Hochul assigned Jonathan Lippman, a one-time chief judge, to analyze the guidelines and protocols of different universities. She wants to know how the schools deal with antisemitism on their campuses. Hochul wants to teach university administrators how they can better prevent and manage future discrimination incidents.

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