Council Member’s ‘Revolution’ Call Shock Liberal Colleagues

( – A city council member from Boston has shocked her Democratic Party colleagues and could face potential repercussions due to her behavior following a 2022 where she called for liberal Americans to start a revolution.

City councilwoman Tania Fernandes Anderson called for revolution during a Boston city council meeting in August 2022. Anderson also made threatening remarks about White people and how Americans should “dismantle” the status quo. Since her initial outburst, Anderson’s behavior has become more erratic, prompting some of her colleagues to worry about her and insinuate she needs psychiatric help.

A Boston city hall employee shared information about Anderson’s behavior but requested anonymity because Anderson allegedly created a hostile work environment. According to the unnamed employee, Anderson has started accusing other Boston City Hall employees of racism when they disagree with her. The employee also said that Anderson has acted in an antisemitic and abusive manner to Boston’s city hall staff, prompting other city council members to distance themselves from Anderson.

The anonymous employee also said that they believe Anderson is “troubled” and needs help from a medical professional. The employee also claimed that other members of the Boston City Council sometimes agree with Anderson’s proposals as they fear how she may respond to a disagreement and her unpredictable behavior. Boston residents first elected Anderson in November 2021, following a wildly popular campaign. Anderson’s initial campaign heavily focused on her status as an African-born woman and Muslim, prompting many Boston residents to support her.

Upon her election victory, Anderson began talking about how she wanted to start a “revolution” to give Boston residents a better chance at equity. She also said that she believes Americans should band together and overthrow various systems rooted in racism. Anderson’s behavior began to change shortly after she took office, as the city councilwoman made headlines for her outbursts and screaming on multiple occasions.

Anderson has also had numerous verbal altercations with other members of the Boston City Council, whom she regularly accuses of racism during public meetings. Anderson famously accused city council members of racism during the same 2022 meeting where she called for revolution and said that she doesn’t receive respect due to her ethnicity. Anderson’s most recent outburst saw her making various statements about Israel, whom the councilwoman accused of “killing children” in its conflict with Hamas. While Anderson remains on the Boston City Council, she could face removal due to her various controversies, including multiple scandals that raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest.

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