Couple Files Lawsuit Against Doctor Who Posted Disturbing Images

( – A young couple in Georgia has filed a second lawsuit related to the decapitation of their newborn baby during birth. Twenty-year-old Jessica Ross and 21-year-old Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr. have filed a lawsuit against Dr. Jackson Gates. Gates was hired by the couple to perform a private autopsy on their infant following the horrific outcome of the birth. Ross and Taylor have accused Dr. Gates of posting pictures of the infant’s body along with a video of the autopsy on social media.

Rod Edmond, a family attorney, said Dr. Gates “perpetuated the abuse” the couple has endured for “likes and followers” on Instagram. Dr. Gates defended himself, emphasizing that anything he shares on social media of this nature is strictly for educational purposes and that he never discloses the identity of the subjects in his posts. Cory Lynch, an attorney representing the young couple, sent a cease-and-desist letter demanding Gates remove the pictures and videos from the social media platform.

Ross and Taylor first filed suit against the Southern Regional Medical Center and Dr. Tracey St. Julian in July. They accused Dr. Julian of using “ridiculously excessive force” on the baby’s head and neck during delivery. Dr. Julian eventually took Ross for an emergency C-section, where the body of the baby was delivered without the head, which was delivered vaginally. The couple also alleges the staff at the medical center tried to hide the fact that the baby had been decapitated. They claim the hospital staff discouraged them from seeking an autopsy while encouraging them to have the body of their infant son cremated instead of holding a service at a funeral home. Lynch said the hospital staff did “everything in their power” to keep Ross and Taylor in the dark about what happened.

The Clayton County Medical Examiner’s office recommended the doctors and nurses involved in the baby’s delivery be investigated by the state’s medical and nursing boards.

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