Coward or Defender? Trump and Barr’s SHOWDOWN!

( – Donald Trump called Bill Barr a “coward” during a recent interview before claiming that Barr failed to fulfill his duties as the United States Attorney General. Trump claims that Barr purposely avoided prosecuting Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s highly controversial son, who’s currently the subject of multiple criminal cases. Trump also says that Barr’s refusal to prosecute Biden was intentional and an effort to avoid being impeached by political opponents.

Trump’s comments aren’t the first time the former president has criticized former Attorney General Barr, as Trump repeatedly bashes Barr in public appearances. Trump’s steady criticism of Barr is likely a response to Barr’s comments regarding Trump. Barr regularly criticizes Donald Trump’s behavior and even announced his willingness to testify against the former president if asked to do so. Barr also states that he believes Trump acted illegally during his time as chief executive and that he will be found guilty of the charges against him.

Barr confirmed to various media outlets that he would be willing to testify against Donald Trump in the latest federal indictment against the former president, relating to his alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump denies acting illegally during the controversial election’s end, but other sources close to Trump, like Barr, claim they witnessed Trump working inappropriately firsthand.

Trump’s legal team denied any wrongdoing on behalf of the former president and announced that Trump would not accept any plea deals offered to him concerning the January 6th charges. Trump remains adamant that he is innocent and being targeted for his political policies rather than criminality. Barr claims that if a criminal trial were to unfold, the result would be Trump spending time in prison.

While Barr believes Trump will be found guilty of the charges against him, he has publicly stated he doesn’t like the idea of a former president going to prison. Despite his apprehension about a president spending time behind bars, Barr defends the Justice Department’s ongoing cases against Donald Trump and believes that Trump isn’t the victim of a political witch hunt, as the former president repeatedly claims in public appearances.

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