CPS Agent Fired for Telling Young Girl To Sell Herself

CPS Agent Fired for Telling Young Girl to Sell Herself

Official Fired After What She Told a Young Girl

(DailyVantage.com) – A parent’s primary job is to care for their children, but some are so woefully inadequate that authorities must step in to intervene. Yet, sometimes agencies like Child Protective Services (CPS) also fail the kids involved. A Harris County, Texas, CPS employee displayed astonishingly poor judgment with her advice to a 14-year-old Houston girl.

While awaiting placement in the state’s foster care system, a teenage girl asked an employee for food. Instead of attending to the child’s needs, the worker, who was part of the support staff, told the girl to sell herself to earn money to eat because that’s what she allegedly used to do. The teen captured the entire encounter on a cellphone video, which her mother, Keisha Bazley, turned over to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

The incident horrified Bazley when she heard what was happening. She filed a complaint against the agency, which fired the employee. Jamie Masters, the DFPS commissioner, apologized to both Bazley and her teen daughter.

The Texas DFPS also issued a statement, calling the employee’s behavior inappropriate and the agency’s nurture of children “our paramount concern.” The release continued, publicly committing DFPS to a higher standard of care, saying, “Nothing less will be tolerated.”

Do you think firing the employee was enough, or should she face further consequences?

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