Crisis Averted: Two Teens Arrested for Attack Plan

Crisis Averted: Two Teens Arrested for Attack Plan

( – The November 30 Oxford High School shooting, responsible for four deaths and several other injuries, has spurred copycat crimes. As a result, school officials have been on high alert, and authorities recently prevented another similar attack from happening.

On Friday, December 10, authorities in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, arrested two teens on suspicion of plotting to carry out a shooting at Westmont Hilltop High School. A concerned parent raised the flag after her daughter told her she saw Logan Pringle, 17, a previously expelled student, on campus. The school expelled Pringle three years prior for lighting a match, trying to set carpet ablaze, and for threatening to shoot up the school.

According to authorities, Preston Hinebaugh, 16, let Pringle into the school, and the two canvassed the hallways, allegedly discussing a plan of attack.

After the pair’s arrest, police searched both teens’ homes and found several ghost guns, including semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and a pump-action rifle at Hinebaugh’s home.

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer charged both teens as adults in the crime and expressed the importance of remaining on high alert.

Both Pringle and Hinebaugh face charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit terrorism. Hinebaugh also faces two additional counts: possession of a firearm by a minor and conspiracy to commit criminal trespass for letting Pringle into the school.

The suspects will appear at their preliminary hearings on December 22.

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