Cruz Demands Investigation into DEI Hiring and FAA Incidents

( – Texas Senator Ted Cruz demands an investigation into airline hiring practices due to increased “near misses” involving commercial airplanes. Cruz claims the rise in close calls stems from an Obama-era policy that changed hiring policies in favor of diversification. According to Cruz, the adjusting hiring policy prevented thousands of competent people from being employed and contributed to dangerous conditions in airports nationwide.

Cruz petitioned the Government Accountability Office to determine how the Obama-era hiring practices caused less-trained air traffic controllers’ hiring. Cruz says the leading cause of the close calls is controller error, indicating a lack of training among air traffic controllers. The primary policy Cruz cites is a biographical questionnaire that focuses on potential applicants’ backgrounds in favor of increasing diversity among hires.

Cruz claims the questionnaire favored diversity hires over certified controllers, providing lesser-trained employees with dangerous jobs. According to Cruz, the “woke” hiring practices pose a potential hazard to American citizens and warrant further investigation.

Ted Cruz is an outspoken critic of Democratic policies and liberal viewpoints, and he even claims that Democrats are responsible for the rising conflict in the Middle East. Cruz also claims the Biden Administration provided almost $100 billion to Iran. According to the senator, Iran used the funds to stage attacks against Coalition forces and that President Biden’s “weak leadership” is enabling bad actors across the globe.

Cruz cited Biden’s “appeasement” approach to nations like Iran, which isn’t working and instead enables bad actors to take measures against the United States government’s interests. According to Cruz, Biden’s leadership is a primary cause for the Israel-Hamas war and the rise in antisemitism over the past few weeks.

Cruz’s outspoken criticisms against woke ideologies are gaining national support from American citizens, and Cruz says he will likely run for president soon. Cruz famously ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 election but failed to secure the Republican Party’s nomination. Since his failed presidential bid, Cruz has made regular media appearances to attack Democratic lawmakers and highlight the failures of the Biden administration. Cruz also champions Donald Trump’s presidential policies, despite being an outspoken critic of Trump in the past.

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