Cruz LEAPS To Biden’s Defense – What Is HAPPENING!?

( – Texas Senator Ted Cruz has commented about the latest ongoing White House scandal, in which white power was found within the White House and later confirmed to be cocaine. The scandal broke just days ago, with many speculating the drugs could have been in the possession of Hunter Biden, given his publicly documented history as a substance abuser. Despite these theories, Ted Cruz has come out in defense of Biden, stating that he doesn’t believe Hunter Biden was responsible for the illicit substance but rather someone else. Cruz went on to clarify that he did think the White House was avoiding coverage to minimize controversy, but that it likely wasn’t to defend Hunter Biden.

When authorities first discovered the powdery substance, it prompted a dramatic response that included a hazmat suit-wearing unit for safety purposes, shortly after the powder found in the West Wing was tested by the Secret Service and confirmed to be an illegal drug. While the origin of the cocaine found is still unknown, the internet quickly erupted into theories that Hunter Biden was responsible due to his recent visit to the White House. Despite his history of substance addiction, which has led to a pending criminal case involving a handgun charge, many have quickly debunked the possibility of President Biden’s son being the original owner.

Although Hunter Biden has a well-documented history of using cocaine, including a story that broke in the New Yorker that proved he failed a drug test for the Navy, he tested positive for the substance. Despite his own personal battles with addiction, it seems impossible for Hunter Biden to have been responsible for the cocaine found in the White House. While it was in a secure area of the complex, the powder was found days after Hunter Biden had last been on the property, raising questions as to who the original owner actually is. Despite this ongoing scandal, the White House has remained silent as to any new developments, likely to reduce controversy ahead of Joe Biden’s 2024 election.

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