Cruz’s Choice for Biden Investigation REVEALED!

( – Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated who he’d like to see appointed special counsel for the investigation into President Biden and his family’s alleged corruption, claiming a top official who served under Trump would be an excellent pick. Cruz stated he’d like John Ratcliffe, the former Director of Intelligence under Donald Trump’s administration, to head the investigation into President Biden’s alleged criminality.

Republican officials are accusing Biden of facilitating and participating in an international bribery scheme that allegedly gained the Biden family millions in illicit funds. Cruz also claims that Ratcliffe should investigate United States Attorney General Merrick Garland for lying under oath and obstruction of justice.

Cruz’s claims echo many top Republican officials’ belief that President Biden abused his position as Barack Obama’s Vice President for personal gain. Still, the investigations into Biden’s involvement with bribery schemes must be conclusive before criminal consequences are possible. So far, the probes into Joe Biden haven’t yielded conclusive evidence of illegal activity.

The Biden corruption scandal will likely unfold during next year’s presidential election and factor into Biden’s appearance alongside his Republican opponent during the presidential candidate debates. Cruz also criticized David Weiss, the current special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, for his failure to promptly investigate Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes.

Ted Cruz isn’t just calling for Ratcliffe to be brought on as special counsel; the senator also wants to impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden if evidence proves illegality. Republican officials claim that they intend to impeach Biden for various reasons, but no such impeachment has occurred beyond being introduced through articles of impeachment. Biden’s lack of impeachment is likely due to the majority the Democrats hold in the United States Senate, which protects top Democrats like Biden from dire consequences.

Cruz is facing a minor controversy for refusing to endorse Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis in next year’s presidential election. Cruz claims that an endorsement would hinder his hopes for re-election to the Senate and that remaining neutral is his best option. Cruz repeatedly discusses how Democrats like Biden are failing the country and how he, Cruz, will likely remain an outspoken senator for years to come.

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