Delivery Driver Fatally Shoots Customer During Robbery Attempt

( – An armed suspect attempted to rob a pizza delivery driver in Texas, prompting the driver to pull out his sidearm and shoot the suspect, killing him instantly.

The incident occurred just after midnight on May 12, when the delivery driver attempted to deliver pizza to the Park Yellowstone Apartments in Houston. Upon his arrival at the apartment complex, a suspect and his accomplice approached the delivery driver and threatened him with a firearm while demanding the driver’s cash.

Texas investigators are still looking into the altercation due to reports that the second suspect fled the scene with evidence after the shooting and have released information about the remaining suspect to the general public. According to the Houston Police Department, the second suspect was a black male who had a white hoodie on during the incident, but any information about the suspect’s physical appearance or other identifiable features hasn’t been disclosed. The second suspect allegedly fled the shooting with a backpack, which police believe could be relevant to the attempted robbery.

Although the deceased robber had a firearm during the initial altercation with the delivery driver, the delivery driver did not sustain any injuries during the failed robbery. Police confirmed that the delivery driver provided a statement to the investigators who arrived at the crime scene and that he was uninjured when he spoke to the police. While investigators are still looking into the shooting and the suspects involved, police believe the deceased suspect ordered the pizza delivery to the Park Yellowstone Apartments.

Investigators claim that the suspect ordered the pizza to his apartment and confronted the delivery driver with the unidentified second suspect. The two attempted robbers allegedly had guns and threatened to hurt the delivery driver if he didn’t comply with their demands, prompting the fatal shooting. Police haven’t released the identity of the deceased suspect, but the suspect’s brother has shared information about the shooting and his brother’s death.

According to Ameer White, a Houston resident, the delivery driver shot his younger brother, Areyeh White, during the altercation. Ameer White confirmed that his brother’s girlfriend lived in the Park Yellowstone Apartment complex and that the brother was living with her when the shooting occurred. White also expressed his confusion about the shooting and said he didn’t understand why the delivery driver carried a gun with him to the complex. White’s comments come as a grand jury is determining if the delivery driver will stand trial for Areyeh White’s death.

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