Dem Lawmaker Blasts Biden’s Border Policies – Launches Presidential Campaign

( – On Friday, Minnesota’s Representative Dean Phillips announced his Democratic presidential campaign run. He blasted President Biden’s handling of the southern border and said it was “not secure” and “inhumane.”

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, Phillips has served as a Congressman for his state for three terms. He is one of the most well-off men in the legislative branch of government, an entrepreneur who co-founded Talenti Gelato. This company is one of the best-known gelato companies in the United States.

On Thursday, he launched his official campaign website and filed paperwork for his presidential run. Phillips has agreed to support the final Democratic presidential nominee, even if he is not selected.

This moderate Democrat believes he can beat Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 election. Phillips is a fan of Joe Biden and has admired Biden’s past governmental work. He said Biden was the only one who could save the United States in the past and had succeeded in doing so. Today, Phillips is annoyed with the aging President now in office and wants him to pass “the torch” to younger, up-and-coming members of the Democratic Party.

Phillips believes he is the “underdog” and at a “massive disadvantage” when running against President Biden. Biden was elected to the Senate when Phillips was a 3-year-old.

President Biden is suffering under the disapproval of many United States citizens. Americans do not like that he is 80 years old, in addition to many other criticisms.

For example, Biden was blasted by Phillips for his stance on the border between the United States and Mexico. Phillips went to the border on two separate occasions. He said that some immigrants have unjustly avoided border laws while coming to the United States. Their illegal crossing is unfair to “those who are seeking refuge,” Phillips said, and Biden’s southern border is “not secure” and “is inhumane.” Phillips said immigration officers are often humiliated by officials in the Democratic Party.

Phillips believes he would do a better job on the southern border than the current president. The representative said relief funds are being wasted and that the money should be invested in the countries of these immigrants. Phillips thinks this will help create more opportunities in the illegal immigrants’ primary nations and will lessen their desire to cross the border into America.

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