Dem Mayor Opposes Prosecuting Thieves, Gang Registry

( – Despite Boston’s growing crime rate, the city’s Mayor, Michelle Wu, has frequently argued against prosecuting criminals for crimes like theft.

Wu has also advocated against the gang registry, a database Boston law enforcement uses to keep track of city residents who partake in gang activity, a policy that Wu plans on abolishing before she leaves office. Wu’s relaxed approach to crime comes as the mayor indicated she intends to turn Boston into a progressive city that uses unorthodox punishment methods to minimize recidivism.

Wu highlighted her distinct take on crime before she took office. She filled out a 2021 questionnaire asking mayoral candidates about their beliefs regarding crime, the gang registry, do-not-prosecute lists, and noncitizens. Wu filled out the questionnaire, expressed her desire to abolish the gang registry, and confirmed that she supported the controversial do-not-prosecute list. The list outlines various criminal offenses that prosecutors within Boston shouldn’t pursue charges in, including theft, threatening someone, owning marijuana, and breaking and entering.

Wu confirmed that she supported the list, which originated from former District Attorney Rachael Rollins, and that prosecutors shouldn’t spend their time attempting to charge thieves. Wu hasn’t withdrawn her support for Rollins’ do-not-prosecute list despite a recent controversy involving the former district attorney. Rollins managed to land a job within the Biden administration but resigned after an ethics investigation uncovered evidence of Rollins abusing her power as district attorney. Wu has repeatedly expressed her support for the former district attorney’s do-not-prosecute list despite the scandal.

While Wu most notably expressed her desire to abolish the gang registry and prevent prosecution for “low-level” criminal offenses, the mayor has also claimed that she wants to restrict the city’s police and their ability to use force against criminals. Wu said that she wished to demilitarize the Boston city police, which would include removing law enforcement officers’ access to k-9 units, tear gas, and non-lethal ammunition.

Wu also said that she wanted to punish any Boston police officers involved in white supremacist militant groups. According to Wu, Boston should fire any law enforcement officers who took part in the January 6th Capitol protest, and the city should also release information about officers who use force against suspected criminals. Many law enforcement officers claim revealing information about officers who use force would pose a genuine threat to their safety, a fear disregarded by Wu’s office on multiple occasions.

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