Dem Mayor Who Freed Inmates Finds Her Own Home Broken Into

( – Los Angeles’ controversial Democratic mayor, Karen Bass, recently experienced a home invasion just weeks after she supported a new initiative to release inmates from the city’s correctional facilities.

Bass famously instituted a new policy that facilitated the widespread release of inmates incarcerated in Los Angeles corrections facilities, a controversial policy that saw her make national headlines. Bass claimed that the policy was a step towards equity for the incarcerated population of Los Angeles and cited the release policy as an effort to reduce her city’s mistreatment of the impoverished. Despite Bass’s claims of equity, releasing inmates into the general population had an undesired side effect, including a growing rate of crime throughout every region of Los Angeles.

While releasing inmates back into Los Angeles’ general population is the city’s latest attempt at fighting a climbing crime rate, the city has adopted a more lenient approach to prosecuting criminal offenses as far back as 2020. City officials, including Los Angeles’ District Attorney George Gascón, decided to enact new policies that would make it easier for people accused of crimes to avoid jail. Gascón famously supported the concept of zero-cash bails, allowing juveniles to avoid criminal charges before becoming adults, and preventing prosecutors from attending hearings on parole applicants.

Despite the city’s attempt at preventing crime, Los Angeles has seen a dramatic rise in criminal offenses under Bass’s administration. Bass herself became the victim of a crime in the past week when a suspect broke into her home for an undisclosed reason. Bass lives just miles away from Los Angeles’ city hall, raising concerns about criminals’ lack of fear of facing criminal charges for brazen offenses. The suspect, who allegedly forced his way into Bass’s home, entered the house early in the morning on April 21 while Bass’s family was present.

The suspect in question is Ephraim Matthew Hunter, a 29-year-old with a history of violent offenses. Hunter’s record prompted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Homicide Unit, as the suspected home invader has a prior conviction for attempted murder and kidnapping. Despite Hunter’s alleged break-in to Bass’s home, none of the mayor’s families experienced any injuries during the ordeal. If convicted for the break-in, Hunter could face more than a decade in a California prison.

The break-in isn’t the first instance of Bass having her private residence invaded, as the mayor experienced two different burglaries in her home during the ending months of 202. At least two suspects broke into Bass’s home, then located in Baldwin Hills, and stole firearms. Bass hadn’t yet been elected as Los Angeles’ mayor during the initial break-ins, but she did have a seat in the House of Representatives. Despite the various instances of her family facing potential harm from criminals, Bass still claims that Los Angeles authorities should adopt a more forgiving approach to handling criminal offenses.

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