Dem Rep Alleges MTG Used Racial Trope for MAGA Appeal

( – The House of Representatives devolved into chaos mid-hearing after Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) and Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) got into a heated argument that involved multiple personal insults. Crockett has since appeared on CNN to discuss the heated exchange and accused Greene of using a racial trope to appeal to members of the MAGA political movement. According to Crockett, Greene acted in a racist manner during the ordeal, and the House of Representatives should hold her accountable.

The exchange occurred during a House Oversight Committee hearing regarding Attorney General Merrick Garland when Crockett asked Greene if she knew why the committee was meeting. Greene responded with hostility and referred to Crockett’s eyelashes, calling them fake. Crockett then called Greene’s body “bad-built” and insulted her as a response, prompting other committee hearing members to call for order and demand the committee’s chairman, Representative James Comer (R-Kentucky), take action and end the bickering. Comer failed to end the ongoing exchange between Crockett and Greene, prompting the committee to take a brief break and allow members to calm down.

Crockett has now accused Greene of acting in a racist manner during the altercation, explicitly highlighting how Greene might’ve referred to a racial stereotype when insulting her eyelashes. According to Crockett, Greene called her eyelashes fake as a sly reference to the racist stereotype that black women in low-income communities favor heavy makeup and fake eyelashes. Crockett claims that Greene used the stereotype to appeal to members of the MAGA movement, as they often cite racial stereotypes on social media platforms when criticizing elected officials like Crockett or Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York).

Crockett then clarified that while the racial stereotype Greene allegedly referred to has become increasingly common on social media platforms, it’s inaccurate and racist. According to Crockett, women of all races and cultures use eyelashes and other makeup accessories to enhance their appearance. Greene hasn’t responded to Crockett’s accusations of racism, nor has the House of Representatives announced any repercussions for the altercation between Greene and Crockett.

While many cite the viral argument between Greene and Crockett as evidence of the House of Representatives failing to make progress due to personal issues amongst its members, people connected to the Congressional body have cited another potential cause for the altercation. According to representatives from both political parties, the argument ensued after several elected officials drank alcohol. The elected officials haven’t identified anyone who may have drank before the argument, nor is the House of Representatives investigating the allegations.

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