Dem Says Pro-Palestinian Protests ‘Rattled’ Her More Than Jan 6

( – Following the violent clash between pro-Palestinian protesters and police outside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters recently, one Democrat, Michigan Representative Debbie Dingell, said that the protest had her more “rattled” than the January 6, 2021, pro-Trump protests at the Capitol.

The protest, which saw both protesters and police pointing fingers over who started hostilities, saw six police officers from the Capitol Police treated for minor injuries and one protester arrested for assaulting an officer.

Protesters, who come from a coalition of organizations—which include groups like If Not Now and Jewish Voice for Peace Action—that are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, say that law enforcement officers rushed them without warning.

The police, however, say that they were merely protecting several Democratic officials who were in the DNC building at the time. Police responded to calls that more than 150 people were “illegally and violently protesting” in front of the DNC headquarters.

Law enforcement also says that they received reports that protesters intended to forcibly enter the DNC building—a claim that protesters have denied. Protesters say that what they wanted to do was prevent people from leaving the building so they could witness a candlelight vigil that reiterated a call for a ceasefire.

The protest occurred during a campaign reception that was being held at the DNC building. A large number of Democratic representatives and candidates were in attendance, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. Police managed to evacuate a few attendees, but many were ushered into the building’s basement by law enforcement.

Recounting her experience, Representative Dingell said that protests “can get out of control,” adding that upon attempting to leave the building through a side entrance, she found that the way was blocked by trash bins, “and they said people are waiting in the alley to jump at you.”

The Michigan representative also said she attempted to exit through the front entrance because, as she said, “I talk to protesters all the time,” but had to retreat back into the building after she saw protesters pepper spray a female police officer.

“”Her skin was urned, and  her eyes were bad,” Dingell said.

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