Democrat Ad Features Russian Plane

Democrat Ad Features Russian Plane

( – The Democrats have been trying to pass enormous spending bills since President Joe Biden took office. On November 15, Biden finally signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law, and Democrats promptly celebrated by running an ad. What’s in that ad, though, certainly raised a few eyebrows.

The video starts simply enough. Molly Carey, DCCC policy director, explains what Americans can expect from the bipartisan bill passed by both the House and Senate. She discusses bridges, roads and travel, but there was something quite strange about the mention of airports and air travel.

The Dems could have highlighted so many US-based airplane manufacturers, like Boeing, Northrup, United Technologies or Lockheed, or airlines, like United, Delta, Southwest or American. Instead, the video shows an Aeroflot jetliner in the air — a Russian airline. This graphic faux-pas quickly prompted cheeky responses from Republicans, including the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

Of all the airlines they could’ve showcased, why did they choose a Russian airliner? It’s certainly a significant oversight on the ad creators’ part — after all, it’s not like you can miss the prominent Russian flag displayed on the aircraft’s tail section.

Since the Dems have been so enamored with Russiagate the last few years, they should be keen to initiate an investigation to see just what went so horribly wrong. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all!

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