Democrat Calls For END Of This App – Says It’s Too Inconenient!

( – Progressive Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) is urging President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security to put an end to their new CBP One phone app.

The app allows migrants to file applications for asylum over their phone. It was rolled out by the administration in 2021.

Markey, though, fears that the app is a privacy breech. Migrants, he argues, have no choice but to provide sensitive information when navigating the app. Markey has also claimed that the app “violates international law.”

In a letter he wrote to the DHS on Tuesday, Markey stated that the app “has been plagued by significant technical problems and privacy concerns. 

Critiques of the CBP One app have been bipartisan. In a Washington Examiner Op-ed from February 7th, Mark Morgan argued that the app makes it easier for migrants to file fraudulent asylum claims. 

In January, the Biden administration touted its lowest encounter of migrants at the border, 130,000. Some on the right, however, say that number is disingenuous, citing the problems with the CBP One app. 

The conservative Center for Immigration Studies has also gone after the app saying that “both the administration’s policy and that app will have real blood on their metaphorical hands.” 

The border has proven to be a serious week spot for President Biden. The right, in particular, continuously lambastes Biden for his abdication of duty at the southern border. Some in the House Freedom Caucus have even called for DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s impeachment. Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ), in particular, has drafted articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. 

As of now, the Biden administration has yet to respond to criticisms of the new app. With calls now from both the left and the right to jettison the app, it is not unlikely that the DHS will make some reforms. 

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