Democrat Dismisses DOJ Bribery Probe Into Biden

( – Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, a ranking member in the House Oversight Committee, is dismissing the allegations that the Department of Justice is investigating President Joe Biden for allegedly taking bribes from an energy company located in Ukraine. Raskin claims the allegations against President Biden lack merit, despite the FBI confirming that an investigation into Biden for potential bribes is ongoing.

Raskin also claims the probe into Biden isn’t active and that the Justice Department dropped the investigation. Former Attorney General Bill Barr commented on Raskin’s dismissal, claiming the investigation is still unfolding and is being conducted in Delaware, where Biden lives.

According to a report released by Senator Chuck Grassley, Mykola Zlochevsky, a high-ranking executive in a Ukrainian energy firm, paid Biden and his son Hunter each $5 million after Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless Ukraine’s president fired a prosecutor investigating the firm. The allegations stem from Biden’s tenure as former President Obama’s Vice President and remain controversial for the Biden Administration.

According to the US attorney who initially investigated the claims against Biden, the alleged bribes were originally reported by an FBI informant with close ties to the international bribery scheme. The attorney, Scott Brady, claims he found the informant’s claims credible enough to warrant further investigation. Donald Trump appointed Brady to his position, prompting some lawmakers to declare the reports resulted from a biased political investigation.

Despite these initial criticisms, Brady never officially claimed the allegations were true. Brady only suggested federal authorities investigate the allegations further. Brady shared his experience with the bribery allegations with the House of Representatives, providing more support for the bribery inquiry against the Biden family. Biden and his son Hunter both adamantly deny taking any bribes from Ukrainian officials.

Grassley’s decision to release the report detailing the informant’s claims against the Biden family drew heavy criticism, and the report has been unverified so far. The report does indicate that Brady’s investigation stemmed from a genuine federal informant with information about Biden’s involvement with foreign officials, but it fails to definitively prove Biden took bribes during his time as vice president. According to the informant, he found out about the bribes while talking with the Ukrainian energy firm’s chief executive officer and other high-ranking officials. Grassley claims the report originates from a whistleblower in the Justice Department who remains anonymous. While the Biden family isn’t currently charged with a crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now looking into whether or not Biden took bribes from Ukrainian businesspeople.

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