Democrat Joins Event Teaching Illegals How to Avoid Law Enforcement

( – A Democratic representative currently running against Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for Cruz’s seat recently joined an event that taught illegal immigrants how to avoid law enforcement officials, which also passed out cards explaining immigrants’ rights to attendees. Representative Colin Allred (D-Texas) appeared at the event and supported the controversial cards, also known as “red cards.” The red cards featured a lengthy list of tips that would help immigrants avoid law enforcement, including recommendations that illegal immigrants avoid answering any questions from officers or opening doors to law enforcement officials.

Allred has a history of supporting illegal immigrants, as evidenced by his career as a United States Representative, which has included multiple votes against border-strengthening legislation. Online commenters have pointed out Allred’s history of voting against immigration reform and his ties to infamous liberal donator George Soros as evidence of the representative supporting illegal immigration, further evidenced by his attendance at the aforementioned red card event. Social media users aren’t the only people who’ve pointed out Allred’s connection to Soros, as Senator Ted Cruz recently blasted Allred for receiving donations from Soros.

Cruz took to social media to highlight how Soros donated to Allred’s campaign and pointed out that Allred received money from the same people who’ve helped finance the recent widespread anti-Israel college demonstrations. The red card event also had ties to the Open Society Foundation, which Soros owns, as the group organizing the event received donations from the foundation before the event. Cruz pointed out the connection between Allred and Soros as evidence of the representative harboring antisemitic beliefs due to Soros’ funding of pro-Palestinian protests.

Although Allred has the support of influential Democratic donors and other elected officials, Cruz maintains a steady lead over the representative amongst Texas voters. Cruz currently has around 46% of Texans’ support, compared to Allred’s 33%. An additional 22% have indicated that they support neither candidate, along with other moderate Democratic voters who’ve stated they would not vote for Allred. A likely reason for Allred’s lack of widespread support within Texas is his approach to immigration, which many Texas voters claim is a primary concern ahead of the impending senatorial election.

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