Democrat STAR Headed Out To Pasture!

( – Far-left Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot made national news on Tuesday night when she lost her bid for reelection. The mayoral election will now head off to a runoff between Paul Vallas, the former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson.

Lightfoot, who has presided over the crime-ridden city since 2019, addressed supporters following her loss, “Obviously, we didn’t win the election today, but I stand here with my head held high.” 

Following Lightfoot’s defeat, social media exploded with commentary. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) opined on Twitter writing that “crime doesn’t pay.” Greene is, of course, alluding to Chicago’s notorious crime problem. 

Actor Rob Schneider tweeted that Lightfoot is “proof that voting for just anybody with a ‘D’ next to it, has consequences…” 

Lightfoot, who was an incumbent heading into Tuesday’s election, has been lambasted for ignoring the city’s crime crisis. In January, the soon to be ex-Chicago mayor was ridiculed for dancing in the streets during a Lunar New Year celebration. Residents argued that Lightfoot was not prioritizing real problems in Chicago. Social media personality Lavern Spicer tweeted “Looks like Lori Lightfoot…won’t be dancing tonight!”, after news broke that she didn’t qualify for the runoff. 

According to data released by the Chicago police, crime rates climbed by 61% in January compared to the same time last year. 

As was made clear by Tuesday’s election results, Chicago’s crime spike did not go unnoticed by voters. A poll conducted in February showed that crime was a top issue for Chicagoans. 44% of respondents said that “crime and public safety” was of paramount importance. 

With Lightfoot now in the rearview mirror, many are striking a more sanguine tone regarding the future of the city. Paul Vallas told supporters that “we will make Chicago the safest city in America.” 

The runoff between Johnson and Vallas will take place on April 4th. 

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