Democratic Pundit Thinks Pelosi Running Again Will Hurt Party

Democratic Pundit Thinks Pelosi Running Again Will Hurt Party

( – For months, rumors circled that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was considering retirement, but there was no confirmation from her or her team. However, on Tuesday, January 25, Pelosi blew the gossip wide open when she posted a video saying she’s running for re-election. One political pundit thinks it best that the Speaker doesn’t make another bid for a leadership role.

Bakari Sellers, a former Democratic politician turned pundit, says Pelosi would do more harm than good if she seeks the House Speaker position again. “Part of being a great leader is knowing when it is time to turn the reins over,” he said. He added that it’s time for younger legislators to step up and take the party in a bolder direction that appeals to younger voters.

If history holds, even if Pelosi’s re-election bid is successful, the best she could hope for is a run as House Minority Leader. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who currently serves in that role, is confident the House will flip Red during midterm elections.

So far, Pelosi has not commented on whether she’ll seek a leadership role. The Speaker has served as a US representative since 1987. Her current term ends in January 2023.

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