Democrats Fear College Demonstrations Could Drive Support to Trump

( – Protests have erupted at college campuses throughout the United States, causing some Democratic lawmakers to express their concerns that the demonstrations could drive younger Americans to support former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden. The demonstrations are overwhelmingly anti-Israel, with protestors calling for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war and for President Biden to withdraw his support from Israel. Despite the protests, President Biden claims he still supports Israel, but other Democrats aren’t as supportive of Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are concerned that the protests could encourage younger voters to abstain from the 2024 election or vote for Trump. One Democratic lawmaker claimed that the longer people protest, the more younger voters will skew conservative and choose to support the Republican Party. Another Democrat said that the party’s members met privately this past weekend to discuss the protests and express their concerns about how they could cost President Biden the 2024 election. Another cause of concern for Democrats is Netanyahu’s leadership, which some feel has prolonged the Israel-Hamas war and resulted in the college protests.

Representative Annie Kuster (D-New Hampshire) addressed the protest and said that Democrats wouldn’t condemn the widespread demonstrations due to the complicated topic of American citizens and their right to assemble. President Biden briefly addressed the protests during a statement on May 2, defending Americans’ right to protest and saying that college students can express their political frustrations peacefully. Biden clarified his statement by calling for an end to the protests, which he said had resulted in chaos on college campuses nationwide.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) has called for Biden to condemn the protests, which the house speaker described as “un-American.” Johnson is an avid supporter of Israel and has even expressed his desire to invite Netanyahu to address Congress, causing heightened concerns about the prime minister and his leadership of Israel. According to Johnson, Biden’s refusal to disavow the protests shows a lapse in leadership and should concern American citizens.

Biden remains somewhat divided on the protests, as he has seemingly defended both sides while addressing the Israel-Hamas war in the past. Biden called for law enforcement to interfere with the demonstrations and remove protestors whom he described as “radicals.” Biden has also said that he condemns those who aren’t aware of the struggles of the Palestinian people. Biden isn’t taking a side in the anti-Israel protests, which many lawmakers fear could result in him losing the 2024 election to Trump.

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