Dems Wage Civil War – Biden Agenda HOSED!

( – President Joe Biden recently vetoed a bill that sought to end his attempt at forgiving student debt in various amounts to borrowers. Biden has famously been in favor of forgiving student debt, providing $10,000 of relief to some borrowers and $20,000 to others.

Despite his claims that such a program will happen during his presidency Biden has yet to make progress, but it seems as though he’s not prepared to give up on his promise to college aged voters. The bill that Biden vetoed wasn’t just supported by Republicans, as multiple Democrats also voted in favor of killing Biden’s student loan forgiveness efforts. The two Democrats are Representatives Jared Golden and Marie Gluesenkamp, but Biden failed to mention them when he discussed the bill in a video release.

Biden’s debt forgiveness plan has drawn the ire of many citizens, especially as it comes during a time of great unease in terms of the economical state of the country. Despite these apprehensions, many elected officials feel as though the plan should pass so as to help ease the burden of growing college education costs. One such official is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who feels as though Biden’s debt plan won’t survive against the Supreme Court. AOC claims that the policy will be blocked due to “corruption” within the Supreme Court, but the ultimate reason such a bill wouldn’t pass would likely be due to economic strain.

Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan is estimated to cost over $400 billion, which has caused many Republicans to feel as though such a policy would be a wasted expense. Biden’s veto is the fifth time that the current president has vetoed a bill, but will likely not be the last time he prevents Republican backed legislation from being signed into law.

Biden is likely pushing for his student debt relief plan in an effort to gain support in the upcoming 2024 election, in which he’s expected to face steep competition against popular Republican figureheads like Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

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