DeSantis Blocks Biden’s Effort to Resettle Palestinians in the U.S.

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has once again found himself at odds with the administration of President Joe Biden, as he called on the federal government to reject the notion of allowing Palestinian refugees to settle in the U.S.

They “are all antisemitic”, DeSantis said of the refugees. The Florida governor has taken a much more hardline stance against Palestinians, whom he does not consider distinct from the terrorist group Hamas. DeSantis also said that Hamas continues to hold several hostages, which he said includes Americans, which necessitates the use of extreme measures, such as cutting off access to clean running water and other utilities from the Palestinian civilian population. In contrast, international entities, have been calling on Israel to allow Palestinians access to a supply of clean water.

“Hamas should return those hostages before any discussions are had,” DeSantis insisted.

The Florida governor also scored President Biden for even considering what he called a “crazy” notion, which he added “is not in this country’s interest.” Pointing to the events of October 7, when Hamas militants crossed into Israel in a surprise raid that left more than 1,200 people dead – mostly civilians that including women and children – DeSantis said that allowing Palestinian refugees into the U.S. constitutes a security threat.

DeSantis also condemned the pro-Palestinian protests happening all over university campuses around the country, calling it a “sickness”. He also said that “importing people in from the Gaza Strip” also brings into America “a lot of these blood feuds that we see in other parts of the world.”

The ultra-conservative governor’s remarks come on the heels of reports that the Biden administration is looking at plans to have a number of Palestinian refugees flown into the U.S. The primary beneficiaries of the initiative will be individuals and families who already have loved ones and relatives who are either U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. Under the plan – the details of which are still reportedly being discussed within the Biden administration – the refugees will be given various benefits such as housing assistance as well as a pathway to U.S. citizenship.

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