DeSantis Moves to Stop State Funding to Schools Teaching CRT

DeSantis Moves to Stop State Funding to Schools Teaching CRT

( – Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) came into his own, emerging as a strong leader throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by unwaveringly standing up for his constituents’ rights. Now, he’s doing the same in the battle against Critical Race Theory (CRT), warning schools and companies he won’t stand for the indoctrination of children or employees on his watch.

On Wednesday, December 15, DeSantis revealed the Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employes (WOKE) Act, aimed at ending the teaching of CRT in schools to pupils and as part of employee training. The legislation seeks to expand on an earlier directive to the Florida Department of Education.

Calling CRT “a form of cultural Marxism,” DeSantis went on to say anyone who defies the act would be subject to defunding. In the workforce, he says, where people are simply trying to make a living to support themselves and their families, they’re facing hostility and attacks for the color of their skin.

Additionally, the use of CRT in classrooms teaches children they’re either an oppressor or oppressed, and DeSantis is putting an end to it. DeSantis decried the use of taxpayer dollars to teach Florida children to hate America or each other.

The legislation, should it pass, would give parents the right to file lawsuits against schools insisting on teaching CRT and recover attorney fees when they win.

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