DeSantis & Musk TEAM UP – But It Doesn’t Go As Planned

( – The Ron DeSantis 2024 campaign plans are already in trouble, shortly following a technological failure during the initial campaign announcement to Twitter, 1945 reported.

The DeSantis campaign Twitter launch “melted down ” in Twitter glitches, NBC reported. Reportedly, the Florida Governor had “big plans’ ‘ to release his campaign in Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk, but his plans did not go as expected, NBC reported. The app reportedly “crashed repeatedly” as viewers tried to watch DeSantis’s announcement, which Twitter owner Elon Musk joined in Twitter Spaces.

DeSantis came forward with statements criticizing Trump as he formally announced his campaign, USA Today reported. While DeSantis had “largely avoided” criticizing Trump “for months,” leading up to his official presidential campaign, he broke his silence, running what USA Today called a “media blitz” in the wake of his campaign announcement. In his so – called “media blitz,” DeSantis criticized the Trump pandemic response, as well as statements Trump had made on second amendment rights and abortion politics, USA Today reported.

DeSantis likewise stated that, in his view, Trump appeared to be “running to the left.” Likewise, the Florida Governor argued t hat he had never “watered down” his bold policy, USA Today. Reportedly, DeSantis also views Trump as having “changed” since he first ran for president in 2016.

Former President Donald Trump attacked the DeSantis campaign on Truth Social. The former president stated that DeSantis was “losing badly,” in the Florida gubernatorial primaries the year of his election and that DeSantis was behind the Florida Agriculture Commissioner “by 31 points” before Trump stepped in. Trump likewise claimed that DeSantis, who, in his view, had run “a terrible campaign,” told him that his support and endorsement would be his “last chance,” Trump stated in a Truth Social post on May 24. In the wake of his criticisms, Trump said that DeSantis was “disloyal.”

Trump released a broadcast to Truth Social on May 25 stating that, in his view, DeSantis had “zero chance” of winning the Republican primary race

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