DeSantis Shuts Down Protesters At Campaign Event

( – Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was having none of the nonsense climate change protesters like to employ nowadays as he had no qualms sparring with a number of such people who have taken to interrupting several of his recent campaign sorties and speeches.

In one occasion, a member of his security team even had to tackle a protester who attempted to rush the Florida governor on stage while he was speaking.

“How much money are you taking from oil companies?” the unnamed protester yelled while struggling against security personnel.

“That is (what’s) wrong with the college system right there. That’s exhibit A,” DeSantis retorted.

DeSantis was speaking at an event in Ames, Iowa, organized by the Never Back Down PAC, the Super PAC that supports him. The protester entered the event holding a sign that said, “DeSantis: Climate Criminal.” He managed to climb part-way up the stage before he was tackled by security personnel. Other climate protesters also attempted to disrupt the speech a few minutes earlier but were quickly removed by security as well.

DeSantis, speaking to reporters later, said that he had no problems responding to questions, as long as they were asked normally and respectfully.

However, he said, “I’m not going to let these, these numbnuts rush the stage.”

DeSantis said that he was willing to have more expansive drilling for fossil fuels, and said to a heckler before the latter was escorted out, “He (the climate change protester) wants you to pay more for gas, more for energy.” The Florida Governor added that climate change protesters did not care if Americans suffered more rolling blackouts.

Sunrise Movement, a climate change activist organization, has claimed responsibility for a number of disruptive actions in DeSantis’ campaigns, including the one where the protester attempted to rush the stage. It claimed that Republican candidates, along with President Joe Biden, were “bought and owned” by the people who run the oil and gas industries.

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