DeSantis’s Warning – Trump’s Remark Will be Weaponized by the Left

( – Florida Governor and GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis issued a warning regarding Donald Trump’s comments on the controversial topic of abortion, claiming the radical left will weaponize Trump’s statements to further its pro-choice agenda nationwide. Trump’s remarks pertained to a potential ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, which the controversial GOP figurehead called a “big mistake.”

Trump’s stance on the ban contradicts DeSantis’s, as the Florida governor regularly claims that if elected, he’d institute a ban on abortion after a pregnancy passes the six-week mark. DeSantis’s outspoken pro-life platform is drawing heavy criticism from liberal voters and independents and is causing issues with his political donors. DeSantis remains one of the most pro-life candidates running for the Republican nomination and isn’t changing his stance despite the pushback from donors and political opponents.

Trump’s criticisms of DeSantis’s abortion ban drew heavy backlash from other conservatives, particularly Trump’s assurance that he’d work with Democrats to pass bipartisan abortion legislation. Trump’s claims of working with the opposing party are alarming to many conservatives, who consider abortion one of the most critical areas of public policy for next year’s presidential election. Although Trump’s refusal to condemn abortion or commit to a nationwide abortion ban draws ire from many conservative voters, Trump remains the most popular candidate running for the Republican nomination. As it stands, Trump is the most likely GOP candidate to secure the party’s support and face off against incumbent President Joe Biden.

DeSantis seeks to hinder Trump’s popularity gain, claiming the former president will “sell out” pro-lifers once he’s president. According to DeSantis, Trump isn’t genuinely pro-life but rather campaigning as pro-life to secure more votes from conservatives who consider abortion a pressing issue in next year’s elections.

Although many voters feel that abortion policy is an essential area of the election, others are more concerned with the declining economy and potential international conflicts with nations like China. Although DeSantis’s outspoken support of a nationwide ban on abortions after pregnancies reach six weeks is gaining popularity, he remains the second most popular candidate, trailing Trump by far.

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