Did Biden’s POLLING Go Up After His Address?

(DailyVantage.com) – President Biden, whose poll numbers have plateaued in recent months, desperately needs to turn things around. As things stand today, Real Clear Politics has the president averaging a 44% job approval rating with a 52.3% disapproval rating. Though these aren’t the worst numbers Biden has put up in his two years in office, he is badly in need of a boon to his popularity with the American electorate.

Biden is set to give his second State of the Union address on Tuesday. If all goes well, this could provide Biden with a golden opportunity to elevate his approval rating. Lee Miringoff, Director of the acclaimed Marist poll, said that “if President Biden is looking for an opportunity to alter a mostly static approval rating, the State of the Union is his next best chance.”

This State of the Union, however, comes just days after a Chinese spy balloon was spotted hovering over U.S. airspace in South Carolina, raising very legitimate national security concerns. 

Aside from the balloon, which has dominated much of the mainstream headlines over the past week or so, the country has been afflicted with a myriad of other problems since Biden assumed the office of the Presidency is 2021: illegal immigration at the southern border is at all time highs, inflation still plagues the American economy, the war in Ukraine is still raging, and crime is on the rise. 

This is not to mention that Biden is under investigation by his own Justice Department for his egregious mishandling of classified documents. 

Despite all this, Biden will have to paint a sanguine picture of the state of the country. With the big address just a day away, the President will have to either explain away or, rather, skirt around these obvious shortcomings and miscalculations. 

We shall see shortly whether or not his words move the needle on his job approval. 

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