Did Trump Just Say He May Run Again in 2024?

Did Trump Just Say He May Run Again in 2024?

(DailyVantage.com) – For months now, former President Donald Trump has been teasing about whether or not he’ll run for president again in 2024. To date, he’s not given a clear answer when asked, leaving it up to speculation. However, a recent post seems to drop a bombshell of sorts, shedding some light on the question of ‘will he or won’t he.’

On Wednesday, October 27, Donald Trump posted a message on his Save America website, calling out Democrats for the wealth tax they’re trying to pass as part of the Build Back Better plan.

His message continued, saying should the wealth tax pass, the ultra-rich, including himself, would consider leaving the US for more favorable countries. However, it’s what comes after this statement that has people excited, “will I be allowed to run for president again if I move to another country?” He then answers in the negative and says he’ll have to “stick it out,” which many are taking as a statement he intends to run again.

While this isn’t a direct answer, it’s definitely the closest thing to a response we’ve seen — and if recent polls are any indication, Trump will have a lot of support behind him if he does, indeed, seek election in 2024.

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