DIRTY Money: Biden Has Been CAUGHT

(DailyVantage.com) – According to a document that was released by investigators within congress, Hunter Biden received an approximately $5 million payment shortly after communicating with  a Chinese associate. Hunter Biden is alleged to have received multiple payments from his Chinese business associates, just days after his communications with them.

The messages in question were shared by a whistleblower from the IRS, Gary Shapley Jr., who took part in the IRS’ probe of Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden can be seen referencing his father in the messages, noting that he was sitting right next to then-Vice President Joe Biden, and questioning why commitments hadn’t been fulfilled. While the messages are quite vague, they seemingly relate to an ongoing investigation into the Biden family regarding foreign bribery and corruption.

Many officials and citizens alike have questioned the legitimacy of the allegations being made against Hunter Biden, but according to the IRS whistleblower’s attorney Mark Lytle, the claims are credible. Lytle has also claimed that multiple federal law enforcement bodies interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden, noting the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation specifically. Despite the claims seeming credible it doesn’t seem as though Biden will be facing any prison time for his alleged illicit behavior, especially since he just reached a lenient plea deal in a case related to his federal income taxes.

Hunter Biden has recently agreed to plead guilty in a case that concerns his failure to pay his federal income taxes during the years of 2017 and 2018. The two charges Hunter Biden will be pleading to are only misdemeanors, meaning he will not face any time in prison. There is another case pending against Hunter Biden however, involving him lying on paperwork to attain a handgun, a federal crime with a sentence of ten years in prison. While the case is still pending, it’s clear that Hunter Biden’s legal future will likely be complicated by the developing allegations of him taking illicit payments.

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