Disgraced Fox News Star Comes Out Swinging Against Network

Disgraced Fox News Star Comes Out Swinging Against Trump

Disgraced Fox News Star Turns on Former Network

(DailyVantage.com) – The 2020 election left many questions unanswered. Former President Donald Trump claimed fraud led to President Joe Biden taking the White House. In the months following, several states underwent audits, including Arizona. Fox News was the first network to call the state for Biden, far ahead of any other outlets, and the fallout has been ongoing ever since. In fact, the network fired its political director, Chris Stirewalt. He’s now come out swinging following his testimony at a recent hearing on the events of January 6.

On Monday, June 13, Stirewalt spoke with reporters after he testified before the House Select Committee on the January 6th attacks about his abrupt firing from Fox. After the network called Arizona for Biden, he says the network removed him from the airwaves, and within two months, he was gone. At the heart of it, Stirewalt blames Trump. He said Trump’s reaction wasn’t normal, characterizing it as “a furious, murderous kind of rage.”

Officials at Fox News said Stirewalt panicked when making the announcement. But he stands by his decision, “We don’t award… electoral votes. We don’t count… ballots.” He said his job — and his team’s — was to project what was happening, but they weren’t responsible for making it happen. He says Fox should’ve stood by them, but in the end, approximately 15 people lost their jobs for calling the state in Biden’s favor.

Now, Stirewalt finds himself part of the story instead of just covering it, which he says he hates the most as a journalist. But actions — especially premature ones — have consequences, and he’s learning that lesson the hard way now.

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