DNC Chair Slams Nikki Haley – Calls Her A MAGA Minion

(DailyVantage.com) – On Monday, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Jaime Harrison, slammed Nikki Haley by calling her a MAGA minion. He fought against her attempts to pose as a moderate Republican and said she was an extremist when she served as the Governor of South Carolina. Both Haley and Harrison are from South Carolina.

On X, previously known as Twitter, Harrison warned his viewers that Haley’s governorship left a detrimental impact on South Carolina once she was out of office. The state was in an utter catastrophe as she was “dangerous” and “out of touch.” Harrison said Haley wants to be known as a centrist Republican. He wants his viewers, especially the citizens of South Carolina, to see her as the complete opposite and as someone who falls in line with all other MAGA members.

Haley said if she were elected president and given a proposal that would place a 15-week ban on abortion, she would “absolutely” sign it. However, she doubts this imagined proposal will come to fruition once it reaches the Senate.

Harrison said Haley is seeking to revamp her “history on abortion.” He said she is trying to take a “softer” tone on the abortion debate. Harrison noted that, as governor, Haley signed a bill for an abortion ban that said doctors would receive a fine or be incarcerated if they failed to comply with the new law. The bill also did not allow any exceptions for incest or rape. Harrison said this shows that she does not care about the well-being of Americans.

The committee member also said she strived to revamp Medicaid to the point of creating a new health insurance program instead of fixing its issues. Harrison said she does not care. Haley is indistinguishable from all of the other “MAGA minions.”

On Monday, a presidential poll in Iowa revealed that Haley had surged in the election polls and is now tied with Governor Ron DeSantis and placed second after former President Donald Trump.

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