DOJ Charges Three Men For Running Brothels That Allegedly Hosted Politicians & Military

( – The Department of Justice is charging three men for running illegal high-end brothels in several states that allegedly hosted influential politicians and high-ranking members of the United States military. Federal prosecutors brought the charges against James Lee, Han Lee, and Junmuyung Lee for allegedly running the brothels in Massachusetts, Virginia, and California.

The Virginia brothel operated approximately 30 miles away from the nation’s capital and allegedly hosted members of the United States Congress regularly. According to prosecutors, the prostitutes employed at the brothels had hourly rates ranging from $350-$600. Prosecutors claim that the brothels’ customers included politicians, executives from pharmaceutical companies, doctors, contractors with ties to the United States government, lawyers, scientists, and entry-level retail workers.

The Department of Homeland Security also addressed the scandal, claiming that hundreds of potential customers still need to be identified. The Department of Justice is still investigating the illegally operated brothels and isn’t disclosing any customers at this time. Although the DOJ isn’t revealing the identities of customers involved in the scandal, according to some reports, potential customers provided their names, birth dates, employment information, and credit card information.

The elite brothels drew comparisons to a similar DC area scandal in the 1990s, where a woman known as the “D.C. Madam” operated an elite brothel that served a senator and others associated with the United States Congress. Authorities arrested Deborah Jeane Palfrey for the brothels, but she didn’t reveal any of her clients during the scandal. Palfrey’s attorney pushed for Palfrey’s clients to be revealed but is under a court order to refrain from identifying any of Palfrey’s alleged customers.

Palfrey’s brothel operated in Virginia, much like one of the brothels operated by the three men charged by the Department of Justice. Much like Palfrey’s case, the three men allegedly hosted influential members of the United States Congress and military, but no identities are known.

A hearing for the men accused of operating the elite brothel has been postponed until next week and will determine if the men will remain incarcerated while awaiting a trial.

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