DOJ Officials Overturn Trump-era Policy, Allowing Prisoners to Go Free

DOJ Officials Overturn Trump-era Policy, Allowing Prisoners to Go Free

( – When COVID-19 began ravaging the United States in 2020, officials took action to help clear out crowded jails. The CARES Act, signed by former President Donald Trump, allowed for the placement of some prisoners in home confinement to mitigate the virus’ spread. When the national emergency order for pandemic ends, these inmates were to return to incarceration, but it seems like President Joe Biden’s Administration has another idea entirely.

On December 21, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the Bureau of Prisons would have the discretion of whether or not to return inmates to prison or have them carry out the remainder of their sentences on home confinement. Garland justified this action saying many who are out on temporary release “have reconnected with their families, have found gainful employment, and have followed the rules.” What he fails to say is that these inmates broke laws in the first place, otherwise they’d have never been incarcerated.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is not having it. He wrote a letter to Garland saying the attorney general not only caved to activists, but his action “would also allow absurd results.”

Cotton is asking for Garland to hand over information, including a list of all inmates that were released to home confinement, their sentences and all communications the Department of Justice has had with special interest groups and non-governmental organizations regarding the matter.

Do you think the DOJ had the right to make those changes or should the inmates be returned to jail at the end of the emergency order?

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